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Capacitor Discharge Weld Pin

Weld pins are used for attaching insulation to various metals, with the use of a CD welder. After the pin is welded in place, the insulation is impaled on the pin and secured with a self-locking washer.

ANNEALING: All low carbon steel material are fully annealed unless otherwise specified.

WASHER: low carbon steel & zinc plating.

NOTICE: 3mm (.118) Dia Mild Steel available as special order.

Material Finish “D” “F” “L”
Low Carbon Steel Copper plating 12 Gauge(0.105) 0.175 As required
304 Stainless Steel / 10 Gauge(0.135) 0.220 As required
Aluminum / 12 Gauge(0.105) 0.220 As required
Aluminum / 10 Gauge(0.135) 0.250 As required